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travel tips

Getting to Samara & Carrillo

Restricted Articles In Baggage  |  Packing 

Have a safe trip to Samara Beach!

Your travel agent will give you detailed information depending on your personal or family travel needs and plans.

However, here are some useful tips for your next visit to Samara Beach.


Dry season starts in December and ends in May; rainy season stars in May and finishes at the end of November. During the rainy season the pattern is the following: sun in the morning and rain in the afternoon, nights might be clear…even with stars. Don't forget the El Niño and La Niña phenomena!


There are not extreme temperatures in Costa Rica, unless you climb certain peaks like Chirripó or Irazú Volcano, for example, where you will probably need a windbreaker or a light jacket. Rain parka and rubber boots are going to be very useful, especially if your tour deals with mud and heavy treks. During the Dry season dress lightly, preferably in cotton clothes. It can get chilly in the evenings in the mountains.


If you are allergic to mosquito bites and plan to spend time at the beach or in the jungle, bring some anti-allergic cream with you.  There is a well-supplied pharmacy in almost any little town, but remember that names of medicines change in different countries.


It's very easy to make calls. Collect calls can be done accessing the appropriate country code, for example, 001 for U.S and Canada, followed by the area code and the number. Local calls can be made using telephone cards that are relatively cheap. Internet cafes are very popular, even in rural areas, where you can send your messages by e-mail.


Water to drink is quite safe in the majority of the territory. In case you want to be absolutely sure, ask your guide. Bottled spring water are available in the super markets and grocery stores.


Local currency is the Colón, that changes some cents every week, compared with the US dollar. As in many parts of the world, the exchange rate is lower in hotels than in the bank. Colon - 1 US$ =  528,31 Colones [6 August, 2015].


A service tax is included in all restaurant and bar bills, but we recommend you tip your guide, driver or waiters when you consider their work was excellent. Taxi drivers normally do not expect tips.

Electric current

Appliances use 110 watts. 90% of the country has electricity. Lodges and rural hotels have hot water in their showers using thermo shower, in simple words, this is a water heater.

Don't  forget to bring

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Flashlight 
  • Pocket Knife
  • Insect repellent
  • Pocket calculator
  • Hat or cap

Sun block

Don't leave your favorite sun block behind, or a reliable sunscreen (15 PABA or more). People with sensitive skins should consider long pants and shirts, and possibly a wide-brimmed hat.

Your Kids

Don't hesitate to bring your kids if you want to. They will love the flavors, the colors, the little animals, the pleasant landscapes .... and, of course, the beaches.

Have a safe journey to Samara.

Restricted Articles In Baggage

Restricted Articles In Baggage

Dangerous Goods

The following articles should never be packed in baggage:

  • Explosives - fireworks, flares, toy guns and caps
  • Flammable & Non Flammable Gas - aerosols (over 2kg. or 2 litres), camping gas cylinders
  • carbon dioxide cylinders for soda siphons, lighter refills, butane gas cylinders, filled aqualung cylinders, mace
  • deeply refrigerated gases - liquid nitrogen
  • flammable liquids - paints, thinners, solvents
  • flammable solids - firelighters
  • oxidising materials - bleaches
  • organic peroxides - resin kits poisons - arsenic, cyanide, weed killer, tear gas
  • infectious substances - viruses and bacteria (which would affect humans & animals)
  • radioactive materials - instruments containing radioactive source radioisotopes for research
  • corrosive materials - acids, alkalis, metallic mercury, thermometers containing mercury, barometers
  • miscellaneous - magnetised materials, formalin etc.

Restricted Articles

Articles which may be carried with special precautions (details are available from your airline office):

  • sporting guns
  • medicines and toilet articles
  • matches and lighters
  • butane hair stylers
  • dry ice
  • oxygen and carbon dioxide cylinders
  • cardiac pacemakers
  • wet-cell batteries
  • munitions of war
  • radio telephones
  • Christmas crackers
  • radio, television & c.d. players
  • cooking oil

Packing - The Ultimate Packing List

Use this list for your checked bag, complete with suggestions of items to separate out into a carry-on. Print it out, then customize it for your trip by crossing out list items that don't apply to you and adding any new ones that do.

download The Ultimate Packing ListThe Ultimate Packing List

Download The Ultimate Packing Listpdf 173kb.


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